Define Your Style in 4 Steps

Define Your Style in 4 Steps

Finding your distinct style can take a while & at times it is no easy feat, it’s a representation of your personality in textile and if you are serious about it, should be handled meticulously.  I still find it hard at times to define my own style as I jump between a few - and that’s ok with me. If you do feel like you are not quite hitting the mark when it comes to your style, try the below steps to get a clearer vision of what your style is and how you can build on it.

·         Identify the pieces you already own that fits you to the T. You know the t-shirt that falls off your shoulders perfectly? That one pair of jeans that fits in all the right places? The shirt that everyone says brings out your eyes? Have a look at the style, cuts, fabrics and colours of these items. These are the pieces you need to build on. You already know they look good - so continue to buy those cuts/colours/fabrics. This will save you time and money next time you shop. And remember if you don’t love it - don’t buy it.


·         Go through your cupboard and identify all the pieces that are similar or have the same look. E.g You have a lot of band tees/ ripped denim etc. this would be the main style you are attracted to and I would build on this.  Set aside the items that don’t fall into that look, they are the items you’ve tried or want to explore - keep them as your style evolves over time and they could be incorporated later. If you don’t want to keep them, re-cycle or donate to charity!


·         Identify your signature - we all have one thing that we always have/wear or do. It could be a hairstyle, accessory or repeat offender tee. Play on this!


·         Save pictures of styles you like from Instagram, Pinterest or hardcopy magazines that immediately jump out at you as a style you like, or you think represent your style. After you have a solid build of screenshots it will be easy to see a trend in what style you like. Break it down into a few words that you could describe it as.


By now you should have a clear idea of what your style is, and at least a few words in which you could describe it. But keep in mind that you are free to wear whatever the hell you want to.